Thursday, November 08, 2007


Just a quick update. I took Jackson to his Ped. doctor and she and all the other docotors had never seen anything like Jackson's head. They had three guesses, of what could be wrong. All guesses sounded aweful. So they sent me to the E.R. We weren't able to get there until around 7 pm because of school letting out and finding someone to watch the kids. They did a CT scan and weren't able to find anything wrong. So they sent us home:( They told us to just to take our CT film with us to Houston next week. I'm a little bummed that they don't know what to think. So now I guess we wait. Jeremy is at Jackson GI appointment right now so hopeful that appointment is more fruitful.

PS you can't really tell by the pictures how bad his head looks. but it's pretty yucky. If you look on his temple you can see a little swelling. That was taken a few days ago. It's gotten a little bigger since than.


Ro's Lumpy Breast said...


You have such beautiful children. Jackson has been through alot and still is such a sweet boy. I pray that they will be able to find out what is wrong and help him. We love you and hope that you are feeling o.k. I know mircles happen everyday and that the Lord watches over us. I know this trail right now probably doesn't seem like a blessing. But maybe the swelling is a blessing because there is something wrong and you wouldn't have know it if it didn't swell. I love you and your family. Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

That is scary I hope you figure out what is wrong and it's not serious. I will keep him in my prays. I love you!


natallie said...

have you told the houston doc's or whoever did jackson's surgery what is going on? honestly, i would want them to see him asap. does your pediatrician know that the er didn't know anything and are having you wait? i know i'm not a doc but that seems like a bad/uncommon place to have swollen bumps that are getting bigger. honestly, are doctors getting enough schooling these days?