Tuesday, November 20, 2007

While Mom Is Gone

There's an update on Jackson's blog (link on the right) of his surgery today.

Isaac's been asking for a mohawk for a while now, so while we were waiting on news about Jackson, we did it. It's a little off-centered, but he kept wanting to see it in the mirror and moving his head. He loves it. When school starts next week, I don't know if he'll let us shave it off.
Kayla wanted to post a picture of her birthday party. She had a Hanna Montana party.


Anonymous said...

Kayla is so cute with her kissy face, I love Issac's mohawk it looks like Chuck Liddel UFC guy's. Keeping busy that's good don't over due it Jeremy!!!
Aunt Kendall

The Hunter Family said...

Nice work Isaac! Must be all that Spike TV UFC influence. Or college football because it is a popular cut. I've thought about it... but decided as ward mission leader and physical therapist it may not come off as well. Plus, I'm just not as tough as Isaac, so I won't be able to pull it off like him.

Dusty and Amy said...

Absolutely LOVE the pictures