Monday, November 05, 2007


What an amazing head Jackson has. It's been through so much. As you see from the pictures, the doctors did such a great job on his head. (jury is still out on the helmet doctor)
We've been so worried about his health lately that I didn't notice that something was wrong with his head. I thought everything was over and done with. Jeremy and I had been noticing more and more lumps on his head. But we just thought we were noticing things that had been there all along, but were just now noticing. Until last week. His head is swelling on top, fore head, and his left temple. The top of his head is red now and with all of his long hair it was hard to see. Which was the point of his long hair to start with. The hard part is that his doctor is in Houston and when you call you have to leave messages. He has a GI appointment that I've been waiting for 6 week to go to. The kids have school and Jeremy has work. Of course we can work around all of that. It just means asking friends for help. I'm so worried, I hope the Doctor calls us back tomorrow and can get us in Wednesday. (Jackson has had a low grade fever for 3 or 4 weeks, but he's cutting two teeth, so who knows what to think with his diarhea, fever, swelling, and crankiness)
I hope everyone knows that my worries and heartaches are not the for lack of gratitude for what the Lord has given me or lack of faith that the Lord is all knowing and loves me and all of you.
Our lesson on Sunday was on Gratitude. I pose a question for all that read this blog. Is there a difference in having gratitude in our trials and gratitude for our trials? and is it required of us to have both? I will be waiting for all your posts. I will have to admit, I have a very hard time understanding gratitude for trials. My answer to my own question will have to wait till I've done more studying and pondering.


natallie said...

jackson is a sweet can see it in that picture(on jeremy's lap) i will keep that tough little guy in my prayers.

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

O.k. so Ryan and I talked about this one. So gratitued in your tails means gratitued while you are experiencing the trail and gratitued for your trail means after the trail is over you are thankful for you trail. Is that what you are asking. I think it is easier to be thankful for your trail after you have finished the trail not so easy to be thankful for a trail while you are going through it. I can't say I have ever been thankful for a trail while going through it but usually after words I am thankful. That was at least until cancer. Now I can actually say I am thankful for or have gratitued for this trail. But before this one I never felt gratitued in my trails. I don't know if that is what you meant. Are they they same I don't think so are we to have gratitude in and for probably but I think one is harder than the other.

Wendy said...

I know I never leave a post, but I was thinking this question over and decided to post. I know it is easy to say after a trial, "grateful for that learning experience" and moving on. When we went through a severe trial, I know I was grateful for the tender mercies the Lord gave us. I still am not grateful for the trial and would be completely happy if it didn't happen. The sweet proptings given to me gave me such a strong knowledge of how much love Heavenly Father has for each of us and for that I am grateful.
~Wendy Rosenlund

Chris said...

I'm so sorry we didn't get to talk yesterday. I think as we go through each trial it strengthens our testimony and our faith in our Savior and Heavenly Father. Should we show gratitude towards something that is maybe tearing us apart? While I was really sick with Crohn's I wondered the same thing, as I laid there and talked with our Heavenly Father, I realized that I was grateful even though I was slowly dying. I was learning the power of prayer, the gift of service, and the power of love. From that trial I've gained a knowledge that may help someone in the future. Am I grateful to have Crohn's? Yes I am, I've been able to talk to others and maybe shed some hope where there was none. I've gained more knowledge in nutrition and can better take care of my family.
What we should be grateful for during a trial is knowing that our Heavenly Father loves us, knows what we can handle even though at that moment it may seem unbearable.
He will bless you guys and Jackson for your faith and love in Him. I know this with all of my heart.
I love you guys!


Angela S said...

I think gratitude in your trials means that you are able to somewhere deep down know and believe that the Lord is there. Its really hard. I have issues being grateful in them but at the same time its a hour by hour fluctuation. Because as I go through often craptastic life I have time where I'm depressed/mad and then come to terms with some part of it and then have a moment or two as a remember that I am grateful for it and that progress how ever small or back to square one with one option down and another to go has been made. But for me I really don't have any problem being grateful for my trials. I still don't like them or love them but I do own them. They are mine. I survived. And they have made me who I am and taught me a ton. There are moments where the fiery hatred of them comes to the surface. But I really am glad I've gone there...even the times when it really as been to the depths of hell because I've made it back. Survived. Grown. So about the being grateful in? I'm still struggling badly with that. But we're praying for you and for Jackson! Good luck with the doctors!

Dusty and Amy said...

Thanks for this post. I too think that before I really answer this I need to do some more pondering. However, being grateful IN our trials, to me, means that you can see the hand of God through the hard times. By doing so you are grateful to feel His presence, trust Him and feel gratitude in humbleness for things that you have--even your trials. I too have such a hard time being grateful for my trials. I think that if you have done all that you could have done and you look back through the trials, the Lord will show you what you have learned and how it has built your character and then you can be grateful for your trials.