Sunday, November 18, 2007

On for Tuesday

Sorry I didn't post sooner. Jackson's surgeon thought it was fine to wait til Tuesday, for surgery. So tomorrow he has pre-op and Tuesday's the day.

We're all sick today, but poor Jeremy is so sick.(actually the kids aren't anymore or they're at the tails end of being sick) I hope Jeremy feels better by Tuesday. He's eating lots of chicken soup and oranges trying to feel better.

We stayed home from church today because we were sick, but Jackson and I were going to anyways to keep him health:) I dislike staying home from church so much. It is hard getting ready for church alone for 8:30 church, and sitting through sacrament alone is hard, but staying home on Sundays is so much harder than going. I don't know what it is, but keeping the kids entertained and the house clean all day is absolutely impossible. So at the end of the day the kids are so cranky and the house is a mess, both of which make mom cranky and very tired (so off to bed I go @ 8:15:) I love ya all.


natallie said...

hope you all get well soon. i'll be thinking of you tommorrow. thanks again for the post.

Angela S said...

We'll have our family praying tomorrow. Good luck!!! You do realize that the house doesn't have to stay clean all day right? I mean its a lot to ask of the kids to stay in side/home most of the day and not want them making messes. So we let it get a little cluttered/lived in/etc and focus on the kids. Its soooo hard to do though.