Sunday, November 25, 2007

We're Home!

O.K. so everyone already knows we're home from the hospital, but I just had to share how very happy I am to be here. All the way home from the hospital I was so excited to get home. It was quit a different experience being at the hospital with out Jeremy this time. I don't know if I could have handled another night there. I think having my home teacher come up and hold the baby so I could call family and get something to eat saved me (and having a great book to read)(i think i lost 5 pounds while I was there, it's amazing how not eating does that) I think Jeremy told everyone that the baby wouldn't let me put him down for the first 24 hours. It was a little hard to go to the bathroom and get sleep that first day.

Now that we're home, I think my body and mind have check out for a while to deal with the stress of the last few weeks. I'm ready to go back to normal but my mind and body are still checked out (I can see it all over our cluttered house) It doesn't help that all the kids are sick, and it's freezing and raining outside. The baby started coughing the day before surgery and now has a temperature again. I'm going to see his doctor Monday or Wednesday.

In light of Thanksgiving and my gratitude post a few weeks ago, I'm going to share some of the things I'm grateful for.

I'm grateful for the experiences that the Lord gives me to see what I'm made of. A lot of those experiences tell on me and what I truly have a testimony of. I hope that makes sense. I think a lot of times we say we have a testimony or faith in certain principles, but until that principle has be tried we can't truly know for ourselves.

I'm grateful for a loving, helpful, faithful, passionate husband. I only knew my husband for 6 months before we got married. The Lord truly blessed me with a good one. I've heard too many sad story to not know how truly blessed I am to have Jeremy in my life.

I'm grateful for happy, beautiful, smart, healthy kids (and by healthy I mean it could always be worse than it is. I see a lot of different situations in my visits to the doctors and children's hospitals)

I'm grateful for family. I think one of the blessing that has come from all the many health problems on both sides of the family has been, more communication and connecting. Jeremy and I both come from amazing families. I couldn't have asked for better families.

I'm learning more and more about what it means to be grateful for trails. My sister is a great example of that. She blew my mind and my whole argument when she said she's grateful for the trials she's going through right now. She was the one reason I couldn't understand gratitude for trials in the first place. It's easier when you're the one going through the trail than when loved ones are going through them (in my experience anyways). Don't get me wrong I've always been able to see blessing all around me in the mist of hard times. Life is to wonderful to let one bad experience or trial sour your whole outlook on life. I can even see blessing that come from all trials, but I can't be grateful that Rochelle has breast cancer or for Jackson being born with coronal synostosis. But I guess those aren't my trials to begin with so I don't have to be grateful for them. I however still have side effect or my own effect that come from their experiences that I need to find gratitude in. I hope my feels make a little sense. I'm not as grand as Jeremy and expressing myself in writing.


natallie said...

we were talking about trials in church today. it was a scripture in peter about how the trial of our faith is more important than gold. what kind of a person would we be if we didn't have trials? if everyday was a bed of roses? i don't think we would be very interesting people. we learn compassion, patience, love, brotherly kindness, humility, sacrifice and so much more from our trials. they make us better people if we don't let them defeat us. i am thankful for what my trials have tought me. trials can be badley disguised blessings but blessings nonetheless.