Thursday, November 08, 2007


Jeremy is such a Super Dad. He took Jackson and Isaac (who were both tired from last night's adventures) to Jackson's 8:30 Dr. appointment. He had to leave at 7 to get there on time. At the appointment, the Doctor was upset that I hadn't gotten an endoscope done alot sooner and so they scheduled one for Monday. Then while he was there, Jackson's Pediatric Dr. called to see how our ER visit went. She got very upset that the ER didn't do more and let us go home. So she called Jeremy back with an appointment to the Crainofacial specialist at 11:30 at the same hospital they were at.
I had a Dr appointment, so after my appointment I headed straight over there. By the time I got there they were in the waiting room bundling up to leave:(
The Crainofacial Surgeon wants another CT scan done. The one they did at the ER wasn't good enough (I could have told them that, he was screaming and moving around the whole time, because they didn't want to put him under, probably because it would have been more work for them) He than said that it looks like a CSF leak. There could be a slight chance it's just irritation from the plates and screws. That's why they need the CT scan. If it is a leak, they're ready to operate ASAP. The big bummer is that none of the crainiofacial Surgeons in all of Dallas area are in our insurance network:( They seem to think that even if we tried to have the surgery done in Houston, because we've moved, it would be out of network also. So his Dumas (or skin of his brain) was probably punctured during surgery and fluid has been leaking since. Which makes sense why the helmet Dr. was so stumped, but it doesn't make sense why the surgeon didn't catch it at 6 months after surgery. Especially since he had fluid (which we thought was bone) coming out the top of his helmet.
We'll keep you posted. We're trying now to get someone to call us back to schedule a GOOD CT scan (GOOD idea) I should ask for a refund for last night!
I love you all


natallie said...

yay, i'm relieved to hear that jackson's pediatrician is stepping up and getting things moving along. now let's hope everyone works together to get things where they need to be. keep on em chauntel! thanks for posting, love ya

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

I think if it is a leak and the surgeon didn't catch it at the 6 month check that he should have to cover the expeience. You should look into that. Why should you have to pay for there mistake or over sight? I am glad that something is finally being done. I don't think I would have left until someone could tell me exactly what was wrong. It has been to many times to the doctor saying something is wrong and no one listening. I wonder about doctors sometimes. It is always someone elses problem with the doctors. Sorry I am so upset that is has taken someone this long to finally do something I am refering the the doctors. I love you guys and I hope everything falls into place.

Dusty and Amy said...

You are both such good parents! Jackson is in our prayers night and day!

Dusty Rhoads said...

Hey Jeremy and Chauntel,

You probably already know this, but it might be that they didn't put him under anasthesia, because anasthetics weaken the immune system. If they suspected an infection, like bacteremia or septicemia, then they might have chosen to not risk any further compromise to the little guy's white cells. And from what I hear about all that puss in his head, it sounds like his immune system is working hard fighting something off. So, it might have been a good thing that they're doing another CT without having used anasthetics the first time --it definitely won't be as hard on him, if they need to use them on him the second time around.

Want you to know that we're thinking and praying about the little dude.