Thursday, November 08, 2007


We had so much fun on Halloween. (I left my camera at a friend so I'm waiting to develop the film from Halloween:( Makayla was Hanna Montana, Isaac was a green power ranger, and Jackson was superman. Jeremy had a halloween shirt on that said "I am the treat" and I was Hanna's bff Lola. I think Halloween is my most favorite time of the year. I just loved handing out candy (I maybe crazy, but that was my favorite part) I love opening the door and handing out candy. It was perfect weather here and the kids looked so cute. I had such a hard time doing this, but I threw away about 2/3 of the candy we had and have personal eaten about 1/8 of it myself already. I'll probably have to throw away the rest of it. I bought really great candy this year. It's almost unbarable to throw away almond joys and reese's PB cups. I almost cried. (Dr. Oz gives me the courage J/K)


Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

Please tell me what you are always doing to your kids to make them cry everytime you take their picture. I love there Halloween customes. I too love passing out the candy and I love Halloween. I am not as dedicated as you we have not thrown away the candy in our house. We did get to much candy though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah finally pictures from Halloween I love seeing all the kids costumes. I feel ya on the candy I have a big bowl I seem to be the only one eatting it. Mmmm


Charla said...

Love the costumes. Am I the only one with a kid who doesn't ask for his candy. Blake will eat a few pieces the first day and forget about it. That's all bad for mom and dad. I think I will have to pitch some candy as well.