Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What a Joy Jackson is

Monday night we were sitting at the table trying to figure out how I could go to Houston with Jeremy and Jackson. Jackson had an appointment with his original surgeon, and I really wanted to be there. Up until then, we had been switching turns taking him and then having to relay messages. That is so hard to do. Unless of course you speak doctornees. So at 6:oo we decided to all go. And by 7:00pm we were all off to our great wonderful friends the Carter's home. Without them I wouldn't have been able to go. They even watched Makayla and Isaac while we went to the appointment. (Thank You)
I'm glad I went. We feel a lot better about the choice to have the doctors here in Dallas open him up again. He will be having surgery on Tuesday, November 20th. We tried so hard to still be able to go to KY for Thanksgiving. We are so very sad we won't be there. Everyone was going to be home this time, which I don't think has happened since Makayla was 6 months old. Since then, there are 6 more grand kids and one new spouse. It really would have been amazing.
Jackson has an infection. The lumps on his head (which are so big) are full of gunk. The one on top of his head got a red lump on it that popped the other day. I can't believe how much gunk came out. However much your imagining, triple that and you might have it right. It was so thick and yellow-green. I showed Isaac and told him Jackson had snot coming out of his head.
It's really crazy. All the doctors, three pediatricians, one nurse practitioner, two neurosurgeons, two craniofacial surgeons, and a handful of interns that we saw have never seen or heard of this happening, especially this far out from the surgery and this severely.
On Tuesday, they will open him up along the same cut (ear to ear) and flush his skull, scrub it and clean it really good, treat the infection and make sure everything else is O.K. That's it. I'm so glad they don't have to take his skull off again (we all thought they might have to at first) He'll be in intensive care one night and then maybe go home the next day. They said one maybe two nights. I hope only one. It's so hard being away from the other kids.
Oh yeah, Jackson also had an endoscope done on Monday. His G.I. said he doesn't have reflux and they are checking to see if he's allergic to gluten. I really hope he isn't. He also said he may have a eating disorder. Not like anorexia but towards textures. Which could be why he won't eat and why he gags and chokes on his food. Whatever that means I really don't know.


natallie said...

i love that little jackson...bless his little heart. i'll be thinking of you all and sending prayers!

Dusty and Amy said...

Jackson IS such a joy!! He is the sweetest little boy I have ever meet and we love him SO MUCH!! He is in our prayers morning and night and even through the day (the rest of the family is too!)

I am glad that you finally know what is going on and that you will be able to move forward. I can't wait to see him in February! WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Melissa said...

Every time I see his sweet little face in a picture, he just melts my heart. He was so excited on the phone the other day with me and Mom telling us about playing ball and it made me tear up. He is such a trooper! He is in my thoughts and prayers every single day. While I'm really bummed that you guys can't come, his health is the top priority right now.

Love you guys soooo much.

Aunt Lissa

The Hunter Family said...

That sounds gnarley! Poor little guy. He's such a sweet little kid. Hope every thing goes well with the surgery this week, we'll be thinking of you guys.