Friday, November 23, 2007

Isaac AKA The Ice Man Logsdon

Isaac's striking resemblence to Chuck "The Ice Man" Liddel is probably no coincidence. Chuck Liddel has a mohawk also. He's a fighter in the UFC. If Isaac's future in candy taste-testing doesn't work out, then off to the UFC it'll be. He walks around in his underwear everyday, all day. He'll announce as he's coming down the stairs or if you ask him why he's not dressed, he'll tell you he's a boxer right now. He's had so much fun with his mohawk this week. Again, I don't know if he knows we're going to have to cut it for school on Monday. I think he's going to be upset. He's been asking me to get one "so we can be twins". He's always wanting to be twins with me. It's great.


natallie said...

uh question, do you mean isaac will be sporting a mohawk for church but cutting it before school on monday? is that how they roll in texas?

Dusty and Amy said...

ha ha ha Natallie! Good one! I have to agree on that one

Anonymous said...

That is awesome


Chauntel said...

funny hair Isaac

love Makayla