Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I wasn't going to blog, but my mom convinced me that people love to hear my problems:) I feel like everyone might think I'm dwelling on the negative too much or make things sound like too big of a deal.
The kids all have a viral form of Bronchitis. They're having to do breathing treatments every 6 hours and Isaac has an ear infection also. Because Jackson just had surgery, they sent me to go get an X-ray of his lungs to make sure he didn't have pneumonia. Which thank goodness he doesn't. While we were doing the X-ray, they did a bone age scan of Jackson's hands. I've never heard of it before. It can tell you if your child is genetically small, or just small for his age and will just be short; or if there is something wrong and he's not growing like he should. (either because of growth hormone deficiency or malnutrition) Jackson's bones are 11 months old and they should be 21 months (he weighs 20 pounds and wears 12 month clothes which for some families is normal but not for ours). From what the doctor told me that's pretty severe. I made an appointment with a specialist for that and one for an immune specialist. Both are booked till the end of January and beginning of February. So it will be awhile before we really know whats going on. Hopefully before that, we'll be able to get him to eat more and gain weight. Maybe that will help. I don't know anything about bone age so I don't know if I should be worried or not. I'm just trying to get through having the kids home from school another whole week:) In someways its been really great to have them home since we didn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving week. They are sick though so we haven't been out except for the doctors appointment.
For those who would like to visit I'm putting a lot of pictures from the hospital on that blog sometime today.


Angela S said...

Seriously sorry about all the sickness. I have a friend who's daughter, now 6, has a rare disorder where she was born without part of her brain. She's basically a genius and blind since her optic nerve atrophied in utero. Anyway she wasn't growing since she had no growth hormone, part of her disorder, and they tried for years to wait things out. Finally after lots of thought and much prayer they decided to start growth hormones. Its been unreal to see the change. In one year she's grown almost a foot and is on target to be 5-10 or 6-0 like her parents. It really has been incredible to watch. But it is a hard choice to make. If you'd ever like to chat with her if that becomes a decision you need to make let me know. I'm glad you got to do a bone scan and see that he's not growing though. As bad as they sometimes are, having answers can help.

Chauntel said...

thank you angela. it's nice to know little bit more about the possible situation.

Dusty and Amy said...

Chauntel, you guys are in our prayers night and day. We just love you so much and that little Jackson sure is a special little spirit. I can't wait to see you all!!! (I know that you do...) but remember the Lord knows you perfectly and He knows your trials and is right with you.

Melissa said...

I always want to hear about anything going on with you guys, good or bad. I have never heard of that x-raying hands like that to see if there is a problem. It is a good thing that they went ahead and did it though, just in case something comes of it. I guess they found he is not allergic to gluten? Does he still get sick after eating certain things? Poor little guy, he sure has been through a lot, but you would never be able to tell that from his sweet little personality and disposition. He is a special little boy and lucky to have you two as parents. Please know that you all are always in our thoughts and prayers. You are a step closer in finding answers for him anyway. Love you guys a bunch!!

Aunt Lissa, Uncle Nathan & Evan