Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkin Patch, Recess, and More

Isaac on the hayride with some of his class friends. I was amazed at how well he listened and followed directions. Of course I saw a few slip ups, but oh well. Here's Jackson on the hayride. He had a good time.
Jackson was so brave. He fed the cows twice and the goat a few times. He did get scared a few times. Isaac said he didn't want to get slobber on himself (he's scared of everything)

I was able to go to the pumpkin patch with Isaac's preschool class. I took Jackson with me, I wasn't much help, but I think Jackson had a really good time. We went on a hay ride, fed the goats, sheep, and cows. Then we were able to pick out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. It was so nice out and it was a real fun time. I think Isaac does a whole lot better without me around though. He through a few tantrums because I wouldn't give him and Jackson Cheez-its. It was pretty embarassing, but I'll survive.
Makayla would just die if she knew that I was going to tell everyone this. From the first day of school she had two best friends, Jeffery, and Kaylee. Last week I went to eat lunch with her at school. She is allowed to pick one friend to come and eat with her. She chose Kaylee even though Jeffery was asking to join her. I think he got his feelings hurt. From that day til yesterday, which has been 5 school days, she says no one will play with her at recess. It breaks my heart in two. I emailed her teacher yesterday because she went to the nurses office with an upset tummy on her way out to recess. She told me the first day no one would play with her, she sat on the ground with her face in her hands:( We'll see how she does today. Her teacher said that she's always nice and great in the class and at recess, but that she would keep an eye on her.
Jackson is starting to speak a little better. He says car now and cool, wow, and dog. He loves playing with cars this last week. It's so cute. I catch him rolling cars along everything (couches, floors, walls) and running them into each other. He's also been lining them all up in rows :) Jackson's Dr appointment is Nov. 8th hopefully someone will cancell and they'll get us in earlier.
love ya all


Anonymous said...

Friend problems! It's just the begining of many more over the years and I'll tell you they hurt Mom as much as they do your child, if not more! Remember your VB coach? I really hated him for a long time. Love Mom

Melissa said...

Oh that just breaks my heart for Kayla girl. I am sure that her friends will come around. She is such a sweet girl. I am so glad that Isaac is doing so well in school, that is great. That picture of Jackson is so sweet. You'll have to keep us updated on how Kayla & her friends are doing! Love ya. By the way I am saving some box tops for her.


Angela S said...

I'm sad about Makayla! I can't stop looking at the picture of Jackson. It is the first picture I guess I've really looked at of him that shows what a big boy he has become. I mean I guess I'm the same with Jimmy (I think they are about a month apart) bit still! Jackson's got style and personality, he's a freaking stud! I love his eyes and teeth, and his hair is looking good too. Maybe this is the first I've noticed where he has a decent amount of hair I have no idea! Regardless your baby is a doll!

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

I know that is part of life but when it is your kids you just want to go to those kids and tell them to knock it off. I know they survive but it doesn't make it any easier as a mom. How fun the pumkin patch. My kids keep bugging me when are we going? Jackson reminds me of you in his looks. I think Jackson looks more like you than the other two. He is so handsome. Of course the other two are very handsome and beautiful too. I just was looking at the picture of him and thinking I see you in him.

Anonymous said...

Jacksons hair looks so good long. I love it! Oh I am so sad for Makayla, I don't look forward to dealing with things like that. I love you!


Dusty and Amy said...

Oh Makayla! That breaks my heart too. I can just picture her out there alone. That is so sad!! I will say a little prayer just for her!

Jackson!!! So stinkin' cute! I am counting down the days till February. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Such a doll!

I love Isaac's pic too. He looks like he is having a blast ;) Where in the world did he get that shirt that says Little Saints?! I just laughed when I saw that.

Hugs and kisses to all you guys. We will be there in no time!