Tuesday, October 02, 2007


JACKSON EATING A WHOLE PEACH. I LOVE THAT HE'LL EAT ALMOST ANYTHING I TRY TO GIVE HIM. (almost, as long as it small portion all day long)

So, I forgot to add something. I don't know yet, but Jackson may have reflux. I feel so bad. I thought the doctor was crazy for thinking that he had reflux. She mentioned reflux every time i went in to see her, but she never told me the signs to look for. All I knew about reflux is that as a baby you spit up all the time. He didn't a whole lot and now that he's older, he never spits up. Until a few weeks ago. He spit up twice and when he has anything with cheddar or straight milk he throws up (I thought he was just allergic) I got on a web page that gave like ten signs of reflux and he has like 8. I have to call the G.I. specialist today. I've already seen him, (like 5 months ago) but he's the one that will test him for reflux. I'm very excited that we may know whats wrong with him and that there's something we can do about it. I don't know much about it. So I don't know it he'll grow out of it or what. Hopefully he'll start eating, growing, and cheer up a lot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tecia said...

I am so jealous that your son eats! My son is sooo picky! It drives me crazy. My babies both had reflux...my girl still spits up ALL the time and my son (he's 2) just occasionally. Hope everything goes well with the specialist.

Anonymous said...

I wish Koop ate everything. He only likes things that are bad for him like chicken nuggets, corn dogs, and pizza. If I try to give him anything else he cries and says, "No, NO, NO!"


Anonymous said...

Reflex is no fun. I have acid reflux and have to be careful what type of foods to eat. Also if I overeat it effects me to.