Monday, September 24, 2007


So Makayla and I have been saving up box tops ALL summer. Box Top$ are on different product boxes (go-gurts, cake mixes, and bisquick, to name a few). We've save up like 30. Her class was in the lead for awhile but isn't anymore. So I was thinking, if any of Makayla's Aunts, Uncles, grammys, or grandmas use products with box top$ on them, it would be really awesome if you just saved them up for awhile and mailed them to us. We're also doing Tyson's Project A+ So if you buy tyson chicken nugget save the top label and mail it to us. Don't worry if you don't buy these products it's no big deal, but if you do, I know Makayla would just be thrilled if you mailed them to her. The money goes directly to her school and it's used at the end of the year to buy really neat stuff the school would otherwise not be able to afford.

I noticed Isaac wrote his name on one of his papers at school. I'm so excited for him. He's doing really well at school (as far as I know)

I was cleaning up my kitchen today after lunch and found, Makayla school notebook. We forgot to pack it for school. Which means she won't get a stamp in it today and she won't get a treasure at the end of the week. She'll be so upset. She checks twice a day to make sure she's had me sign by her stamp everyday and gets so excited on Friday when they get a treasure for five days of remembering to get mom or dad's signiture by her daily stamp. She's so cute about all of her school stuff. I'm afriad she'll get sick, for how much she wants to please everyone (mom, dad, teachers).


Angela S said...

I save ours for a local school that my friend's kids go to but usually have a ton lying around so email me your address and I'll drop some in the mail for her.

Rochelle said...

We have been collecting labels since Cole was in Kinder. We are still collecting them but now that he is not in public school we will send them to you. Oh, the joys of having a kid in school. I remember all the firsts. It is very hard to remember all the little things that your kids forget and you have to remember them all the time. I tell Cole to put something in his back pack he doesn't then I have to reremind him and watch him do it. If I am busy and forget so does he.

Angela S said...

my email is angela m stone at gmail dot com with no spaces between my name initial and name. Anyway send me your address and I'll hook her up.

Dusty and Amy said...

Makayla, I have a box top for you! I am going to get a few more before I send them :)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what this is, but as soon as I figure it out, I'll start looking for them.