Friday, September 28, 2007

My new Kitchen Aid!!!!!

Yeah!! I bought a kitchen aid. I've been wanting a kitchen aid for 7 years (no joke) So today I was at target and it just so happened they were marking all their show models down because they are moving locations. :) I'm going to make bread, cookies, and cake everyday!!! Well maybe not everyday. But I may gain 10 pounds ( my husband says he'd like that )

I just bought tickets to go to a local high school play of Beauty and the Beast. Our home teacher is playing Gaston. We're going to take Makayla and Isaac. We'll leave the baby with a sitter. It should be fun, if Isaac will sit through it.

We're also going to the high school football game tonight. The baby loves to go to the games. Makayla loves the cheerleaders. The head cheerleader is in our stake and the kids are just in love with her. It's a little embarrassing. Isaac has a crush on one of the laurals in our ward. One week he wouldn't go to primary because he wanted to go to class with her. She's a really good sport about it.


Angela S said...

Ohhhhhh, kitchen aids are awesome! You rock. I've been waiting 4.5 years and it will be a while longer. I hope you enjoy it! I'm also excited about Isaac's crush. Sounds pretty serious poor kid, its hard when you've got it that bad.

Dusty and Amy said...

Man! I have been waiting for one of those too. That's awesome. Enjoy. I expect you make me something outta there when I come visit in February :)

Angela S said...

Its totally ok that you didn't know that I had a blog. It makes me laugh but it is fine. And you're more than welcome to check it out now and then. Heck, I'm on yours all the time so if you blog stalk me I promise not to take offense! Have a great day!