Saturday, September 08, 2007

School days

I asked Jeremy if I sounded like such a brat asking everyone to comment, but it looks like it worked. There's still some people who I know are out there not commenting. I'm going to try to do better at commenting on everyone elses. As you can see we gave the kids all suckers, to kept them happy. It work until the last two minutes, when two duck swam over by us and the kids started to freak out. My kids are scared of everything.

I'm actually really loving school and the great schedule it forces. I get up at 6 am and the kids all get up between 6:30 and 7 I love it. I actually get to the gym more and get more done. Isaac really misses Kayla when he doesn't have school. And Jackson really misses them both on the days Isaac is also at preschool. He pouts and wines the whole time they're gone. He so bored without them I have to entertain him the whole time.

Isaac is doing so amazing at preschool. He doesn't even want me to walk him in, so I just drop him off at the door (car pool lane!) He loves it. When you ask him what he loves most about school, he yells EVERYTHING. He tells me everything about school. Unlike Makayla, who I have to trick into telling me. Well she shares a lot too but she's more annoyed after a year of answering all these question already (everyday)

I almost forgot to mention my mirror, Bailey helped me pick out. I discover IKEA while she was here. Of course I've been there before but mostly for the kids. I guess I didn't know they had nice home decorating stuff (that weren't bright geometerical patterns)


Angela S said...

Its cool how siblings become reliant and used to having one another around. I love it. That is great about the kids enjoying school!

Rochelle said...

Hey, sorry if I came across rude. I didn't mean to you just said what I have wanted to say on my blog. It is nice to know people are reading it and comment. Again sorry. It is nice to find something that works with the kids to get them to be good.(pictures) Tell MaKayla Happy Birthday! We hope she had a good one. I love the living room it looks so good. I need you to come decorate my house.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the way the mirror turned out! Hopefully it stays up, right. We had so much fun I am so glad I came to visit, we can't wait to see you again at Christmas.


Sandra said...

I love the gel in Jacksons hair. It makes him look grown up. The family room is looking so good Chauntel!!! I like the pic of the kids with suckers in thier mouths, how cleaver! Mom

Sandra said...

I would get my picture and smile if I got a sucker.

What cute kids.


Dusty and Amy said...

Love the living room! Your kids are the cutest in the world. I think it's hilarious that they are scared of everything. I think that is a curse for Jeremy because I'm sure that annoys the heck out of him :)

Issac I am so glad you like school!! I bet that wiper school really helped your prepare, huh!

Makayla, I wish you would call me and tell me what kinds of things you do at school. I sure would like to hear it!!

Jackson, I love you. You look like a stud with your hair gelled like that! I miss you boy!!

Anonymous said...

Hearing about the kids being scared of everything makes me miss you guy so much. I love the color sceme in tne living room the mirror looks good!!!
I miss you so much can't wait to see you at Christmas.