Saturday, June 28, 2008

Batting Cages!!!

One of the businesses that I service is a batting cage in a warehouse in Prosper, TX. In one of the nets to hit in, you can rent a pitching machine that you feed the balls in individually and can put it at whatever speed you want. They give you 2 buckets of baseballs and you rent it for 1/2 hour. I told Isaac that I'd take him about a month ago and he has asked me almost everyday since then. Friday was the day. The night before he asked me, "Dad, will you PLEASE take me to the batting cages tomorrow?" I told him that I'd try my best to get home early so we could go. He told me to make sure I went to work early so I could get home early. I came home early and the whole family went. It was a blast. I was so proud of Isaac and Makayla. I set the machine for 25 mph and started feeding the baseballs in and he just started hitting. He's got such a good eye for the ball. The guy that owns it was doing a private hitting lesson in the net next to us and during his lesson, he was telling Isaac how good of a hitter he was. Every time after that that Isaac would get a hit, he would look over to the "coach" and see if he was watching. It was great. The "coach" even came over and showed Isaac how to hold his bat and gave him some more hitting tips. He loved it.
Makayla then got in there and after a bit of practice, started hitting the balls too. She's left handed, so it's neat watching her hit. It was all we could do to keep Jackson out of the cage. If we would've let him, he'd have got right in there and tried hitting off the machine too. I brought him in and pitched some to him too. He had his helmet on and a wrist band that I put on him at the house. Chauntel put a baseball shirt on him before we left, so he was all ready.
Last but not least, coach also noticed the blonde hottie in the cage smacking the baseballs before we left. Chauntel was killin' it in the cages. "Coach" said, "Man, that girl can hit!" after she ripped a few fastballs. I said that she was a good kisser too.
All in all it was a fun Logsdon outing topped off with a popsicle on the way home.


KendalL said...

All Star players '08 Logsdon Family. Have a few more kids and you could make a team of them!;*)

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

Thanks for posting about your outing. I love that you guys both take the time to update us on what is going on with your family. I wish we could see you more. But I am thankful for blogging and that we get to see pictures and hear more about what is going on down in Texas.

Bailey said...

So fun I just mentioned to mike we need to go to the batting cages, he told me we don't have batting cages. So sad! I am sure St. George has them so I will have to look into it. Is Isaac old enough to play on a team yet. I am sure he will be a natural. And with Chauntels skills McKayla will be one as well, And I'm not talking about kissing.