Sunday, June 22, 2008

Isaac's Letter

A few Sundays ago, we were sitting at the table for dinner when Kayla mentioned that Isaac had pulled Br. Moore's hair during Primary. Br. and Sister Moore are his teachers and they really do a good job. We asked Isaac if he did this and he said, "yes, because I didn't want to be in Primary." Of course Chauntel and I were upset, a bit emabarressed, and really wanting to figure out how to "fix" the situation. I told Isaac that after dinner, he was going to have to write Br. Moore a letter letting him know how sorry he was and that we were going to take it to Br. Moore when he was finished.
So after dinner, Isaac wrote that he was sorry he pulled his hair and that he wouldn't do it again. There were some letters he needed some help with, but he did pretty good for the most part. We folded his letter, put it in an envelope, and I drove him to Br. Moore's house. On our way there, I explained to him how what he did was really unacceptable and then we rehearsed what Isaac was going to say at the door when Br. Moore came to it. I was practicing this with him because He was going to do it all by himself.
When we got to the house, we go out of the van and I waited at the driveway while he made the long walk to the front door. I gave him a stern, "Now go and ring the doorbell and I want to be able to hear you say what we practiced in van from here." As he walked to the door by himself, the neighbor's dog next door in the backyard barked really loud and that sent Isaac running back toward me thinking it was the end for him. I told him really quick that it was the neighbor's dog and that he needed to turn back around and get to the door. He asked me if the Moore's had a dog and I told him that I didn't know but that he needed to "be a man" and get to the door.
Isaac makes his way back to the door and reaches up and rings the doorbell. The image of my oldest son at that moment will forever be burned in my mind. Scared and nervous, slightly rocking side to side, seeing the back of his little buzzed head body holding that envelope with his letter in it (that he wrote)maybe rehearsing what we practiced in the van in his head; I couldn't have been prouder of him. He was scared to death, but he was doing it. I almost started to cry for him. Everything in me wanted to run up there with him and pick him up and help him, but knew that he needed to do this on his own.
The door opens and it was their youngest son, Hunter, that opened the door. Isaac's first question was "do you have a dog?" Luckily they didn't, then Isaac just kind of stood there and from the end of the sidewalk I prompted Isaac to ask for Br. Moore. He did, and the whole family came to the door. Isaac gave Br. Moore the letter, mumbled something to him that was somewhat what we had gone over in the van, and Br. Moore got on one knee and gave Isaac and hug and said that it was OK and that he hoped they were still buds. I guess the "moment" was a bit overload to my boy; with a quirky smile on his face, he just bolted from the door back to the van. I just waived to them and got in the van with him. Still in the driveway, I gave Isaac a big high five and praised him for taking responsibility and "manning up". I've never been prouder of him. I know he was scared to death to make that march up to the door, but he did it.


Anonymous said...

I have tears in my eyes form your sweet story. What great parents Isaac has. It's always a challenge to know and do the right thing when raising your children. Chalk on up for you! Good job Issaac! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome post, thanks for sharing it. You two are great parents and I am proud of Isaac too!

LOVE, Aunt Amy

Jillian said...

One year older and braver too! Great Job Isaac!

Niki Carter said...

I have to admit, I got a little teary. That is such a great story. I can just picture the back of his little buzzed head! That kid is a little heartbreaker! Way to go Isaac!

natallie said...

that was a sweet story...however i thought it was going to go a completely different direction for a minute. i thought isaac was going to walk the lonely mile after dad told him to "man up" and then get attacked by the neighbors dog. is something wrong with me? :) good job having him write his little note and take it to his teacher. maybe isaac pulls hair cuz he knows he can't get his pulled back in return! smart boy.

Kimber & Jeremy! said...

He is so cute. I wish I could say I had no experience helping my wee ones apologize, but alas, that would be a very sore misrepresentation. I know those notes, "I'm sorry for spitting", "I'm sorry for being rude" . . . Come to think of it, we haven't had to write one of those in quite awhile. Let's see what this Sunday brings. :)

Devksi said...

Jeremy and Chauntel!...Good to see yer kids are all growed up and you still have hair!

anyhow just wanted to send your our blog address-Dean Devereaux