Thursday, June 05, 2008

Front Rooms

We've finally started painting and decorating the front rooms. I bought curtains and painted. When I get the go ahead from Jeremy, I'll buy a couch for the living room and a desk for the dining room (den). We're probably going to get rid of our piano and get a new one. All in time. A little at a time. I absolutly love the paint color in this room. I'm tempted to paint the kitchen this color too. Jeremy thinks that would be a little much. We'll see.

Funny thing, everyone that sees our front room asks if we added crown molding, and wood trim. It's always been there but now you can really see it.


Dusty and Amy said...

the paint and curtains adds so much to that room! it looks great.

Anonymous said...

You could be an interior designer with your flair for decorating. Love you so much and miss you, Mom and Grammy

Niki Carter said...

Fun! Is it blue?? I can't really tell the true color in the picture. Looks good! We have that same molding in our front room.

Unknown said...

Chauntel, wish you were here to help me decorate my house. Your front room is beautiful (other rooms are awesome too!). What is the name of the color in the front room?