Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Isaac

We had fun at Isaac's Birthday party. It was at a kiddie pool. The pictures are of Isaac and his little friend Abby, opening gifts, batting (Dad has him put on his mean face to hit the ball) and a picture of Makayla and Audrey. We were outside for about 31/2 hours. I put sunblock on the kids three or four times and on myself 2 or 3 times. I still feel burnt and Isaac looks red. I kept the baby in the shade as much as possible and kept his hat on. I was pretty worried about having him out for that long. He did well though.

Jeremy and I got to go on two dates this weekend. Kendall watched the kids friday and we went to Applebees and Saturday night we got a babysitter and went out with Jeremy's salesmen to Zios. So friday was free babysitter and Saturday was free dinner. It's always nice to spend time with Jeremy. It doesn't happen near enough but this weekend was a real treat, for us all.


Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Issac!!! I love all the pictures. I wish I lived down in houston, it looks so nice out. That is the cutest mean face I have ever seen on Issac I love it.

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthdya Issac!! We love you. I am glad you guys got to go out this weekend. It sounds like you had a good time. I agree it is nice to spend time together as a couple.

Dusty and Amy said...


I love the mean face picture!!