Saturday, July 29, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

Makayla's last dance lesson of the summer was last week. They opened the windows and let the parents watch their lesson. All the other lessons are closed to viewing for everyone. Makayla was really attentive in class. She really tried her best to do everything that her teacher asked. She really loves her dance classes, and she does really well. She'll count down the days until her next class each week. She gets embarressed when we ask her to do her dances for us, but sometimes she'll teach me some of her dance moves.
Jackson and I put Isaac to bed every night while Chauntel puts Kayla down. On my way out the other night, he asked for his football. I gave it to him and he wrapped it up like he was heading for the end zone and closed his eyes tight. He was out. He use to always sleep with his football, golf clubs, or anything else sports. I went back in later and got this picture.