Sunday, May 20, 2007

gaining weight

JACKSON WEIGHED 18 POUNDS ON MAY 16!!!!! He gained over a pound in a few weeks!! We're so happy. Now I have to take Jackson and Makayla in to see a ear doctor, Makayla is having blood work done, Jackson has an appointment for his helmet on Tuesday, and Jackson needs to go see an eye specialist (just to make sure nothing went wrong during his surgery). The good new is that Isaac was perfect at the last two doctors appointments Jackson had so if we all pray together maybe he'll be good at the next billion. Oh yeah he also has shots in June.

Jackson head grew a little which has caused a lump and a sore on his head so hes not wearing his helmet today. I think he's probably done with his helmet. They usually stop wearing them around 14 months because their heads stop forming (not growing, they just don't mold as well as they get older) He's over 15 months now. Less than 3 months til nursery!!!!

Our kitchen is getting closer to being finished. Someone came to finish it but our new counter top was totally different than our old ones so they could match them up at the corners. But they did paint and finish the wood paneling and when they come back they'll finish the counter top(home depots' ordering us a new one) and then finishing the trim. It will only take one day!!! So hopefully our counter top comes in quickly.

We still haven't bought and computer, so on the weekends, Jeremy brings his laptop home so I can check e-mail, blog, and do some online banking.

I love you all and miss you. I can't wait for my mom and dad to come visit this summer.


Jillian said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jackson is starting to gain weight! ^_^ I love you all. And your in my prayers!