Sunday, July 01, 2007

No More Helmet

We went to Houston on Wednesday. We met with Jackson's plastic surgeon and helmet doc. They both agreed that he was getting too old for the helmet and that he could take it off. I'm so glad to be done cleaning that thing (and the worry of checking his head everyday) But even more than that I'm so glad to never have to make the trip to Houston for Doctors appointment again.
He still need to see the ear specialist, and eye doctor, but those appointment will be here in Dallas.
If you haven't seen the weather channel for our area. It's been raining for eight weeks straight. I'm so sick of rain. It's in the forecast for the next five days though so its here to stay for awhile. I love ya all


Dusty and Amy said...

i LOVE this picture of you two. So cute. I miss baby Jackson so much!!!

Rochelle said...

Hey, I am so happy for Jackson that he has his helmet off. I bet he is so glad not to put it on again. Let us know how the eye and ear doctors goes. I hope the rain lets up soon for you guys. I hope that you guys get to see some firewords with all that rain you are having. Love you guys.