Sunday, March 08, 2009

Scrappin' Cousins

We finally downloaded our videos from our camera to our computer today. This was an event that would go down about 6 times a day during our Christmas visit between Evan and Jackson. I think that was why Jackson was so quick to throw down. While we were watching this Isaac said, "I didn't see that. When I see Evan I'm gonna punch him in the nose." Then Jackson said, "Yeah, punch him in the nose!" with Chauntel in the background shouting, "no, boys. No." It'd be great if we lived closer to home. Cause then Nathan and I might have to end up going at it too over this.


Heidi said...

Isn't great when shaking your booty turns into a brawl? You guys are awesome!

Dusty and Amy said...

That is so funny that Isaac and Jackson said that! Something tells me they were for real! LOL Yeah, try like 16 times a day...those boys were non-stop.

Melissa said...

That's hilarious. I can just hear them now plotting revenge. What would Evan do if he saw both of them running at him...poor little guy. j/k Boy they were exact opposite of the best buds we thought they'd be!! Evan said a couple of days ago, Want to go see Isaac. If he only knew... ha