Saturday, June 06, 2009

ScHoOl'S oUt

What am I going to do this summer? Three kids!!!! All summer!!! Well, girls camp is next week, so that's one week I done have to worry about. The kids will have a girl in the stake watching them. I'm really looking forward to girls camp. It will be so great to be with my other counselors and my girls all week. We had to switch camp sites last minute. The new place is a little more money, so our budget is really stretched. I tried to use my couponing skills as much a possible to help with the meals.

The kids set up a snow cone stand:) They were giving them away FREE. I think it's so cute that they went through all that work and it was fun enough they didn't need to get paid. Someone driving by did give them a dollar. I think they were putting 4x as much syrup in the snowcones than it called for, but I guess that sounds good to little kids.

This week has been stressful enough with it being the last week of school, and girls camp prep. Thank goodness I wasn't having to worry about Jackson and surgery.

Thank you for all your prayers for him. Prayer really works. I've seen it work too much to doubt.


Dusty and Amy said...

That is so stinkin cute that they didn't charge for their snowcones! How cute. I bet they are popular in the neighborhood now :-)

Anonymous said...

Where did Mike get that gorilla unit shirt at? I've been looking everywhere for that!!!