Friday, July 17, 2009

Jackson's summer

Jackson is finally old enough for swim lesson:) I love it. Last year it was so hard to watch Makayla and Isaac at swim because I had to entertain Jackson. He's getting a little better at listening to his "coach" but he's pretty flighty. It's really funny to watch him and the teachers inneract. He just does what he wants and they try to keep him with the group.

Yesterday they had him swim by himself in the deep end. He didn't like that so much. He got really freaked out when his short little arms couldn't grab the side of the pool.

I bought the kids a little blow up pool for the back yard. Somedays it keep them real busy and it's a lifesaver, but somedays it's so annoying. Like everyday when jackson gets in the pool with his clothes on or when he runs out naked after a bath and swims in the dirty pool water.

One Sunday afternoon, we came in from church and Jackson went straight from the car to the pool with all of his church clothes and shoes on and jumped in:)

I just love my little sprite.


Dusty and Amy said...

That picture of Jackson jumping in is hilarious! And the 2nd pic is just precious! I love it!