Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sleeping arrangments

Since Tre's left, we haven't used his room. We still call it Tre's room. So, Jackson sleeps with Makayla (to be her protector from all things scary) and Isaac sleeps in Jackson's room. He's a little bummed that everyone else has someone to sleep with. However, no one wants to sleep with him because his energy level doesn't go down until around 10 or 10:30 :(

This is Jackson's best friend Bella. Jackson has begun to discover bugs and worms. On this particular day he discovered worms and Bella showed him how to cut them in half:) Yaaahhh, for boys who have girl friends to show them all kinds of gross things.


natallie said...

their little hands look so cute laying next to one another!

Bailey said...

Gross! The kids here are more into grasshopper and pulling off legs or wings. Much better than half a worm. Your kids are so cute! We miss you guys.

Montano said...

This picture is way cute of them two!