Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I don't think, well - I'm sure, that none of you know my good friend JT Henderson. Although JT and I haven't spoken in probably 10 years or so, he is truly a great guy. We worked together at UPS back in the day and I always loved to work with him and play ball after work. Those Waffle House trips at 4 am were pretty awesome as well. I think he still owes me $8 from one of those. Maybe I owe him.

Anyways, please visit www.5millionminus1.blogspot.com . Him and his wife are selling hand painted Christmas ornaments to raise money to bring home a child they have adopted in Ethiopia. HOOK THEM UP!!! I haven't met his wife, but I know the kind of person that JT is, and their child will be blessed to be in their home. The ornaments are $5 - so order as many as you can.

Plus, I don't know someone else that enjoys Tommy Boy as much as I do than JT.


Dusty and Amy said...

That's awesome, Jeremy. Make sure you or they put it all over facebook too. Ask friends to repost on their status updates...