Friday, December 17, 2010

Fast as fast can be you'll never catch me

every year we decorate gingerbread houses. this year i thought it would be fun (and easier) to decorate gingerbread men. then we could give them to the families we carol to.

this year jeremy got us santa hats to wear and bells to ring while we were carolling. it was so fun. the kids love carolling. jackson even screamed the song at a few homes.

the funniest thing happened this year. we were carolling at a friends house and one of the family members said the Lord's name in vain. jackson totaling busted them. he looked at this person and said "you said a bad word" so funny jeremy and I went hee hee hee all the way home.


The said...

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natallie said...

Yay for gingerbread men! We have to do it at least once.