Tuesday, May 24, 2011


How in the world am I supposed to get my picky eaters to go without gluten. Inconceivable, I tell you.

I went to the store today in search of all foods gluten free. Thank goodness it's more available now a days. Otherwise I don't know if I'd bother trying.

Jackson and I went to a natural path yesterday. He told us to cut gluten out of our diets. So here we go. It's going to be a family affair.

My counter is full of food that I need to throw away or give away:(

If you all have any suggestions, helpful hint, or knowledge on the subject, feel free to share:)


Angela S said...

It is PERFECT timing! Amazon.com has many great GF products on sale this month with free shipping most times at an additional 30% off. Pamela's amazing bread mix is awesome, just buy a 25lb bag. I'll email you the recipes for it. most of the cereals they have on there will be great too. Quinoa/corn blend pasta is better than most other types. Udi's/Rudi's gf breads are great but won't cover a meal in your house. better batter is a great all purpose flour. YOU CAN DO THIS! I'll send you an email.

Chauntel said...

awesome. thank you

natallie said...

Were there health Problems you were having?

Anonymous said...

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