Saturday, August 20, 2011

bAcK tO sChOoL

Isaac the big 3rd grader

Jackson the big Preschooler

Kayla the big 4th grader

Makayla as a sweet preschooler

Isaac as a sweet "innocent" preschooler

I can't believe school starts in two days. This summer went by way too quickly. This was definitely the best summer vacation yet. Jeremy was home all summer. We were able to go to Washington as a family for the first time during the summer. We got to have Grammy and Poppy visit. Amy, Dusty, and Colton visited. Grandma and Grandpa visited. It was a busy summer.

Makayla will be a big bad 4th grader. We are so excited to still be in McKinney and for the kids to go to McNiel Elementary School again. We love McNiel and are so glad to be there again. Makayla and Isaac have gone here since Kindergarten and we are so familiar with the school. Makayla has Mrs. Clay for homeroom and is soooo excited to have her best friend Lindsey in the same class with her.

Isaac will be in 3rd grade which in Texas means TAKS testing this year. The kids seem to really think this is a big deal:) He will have Mrs Todd:) Which is so exciting, because Makayla had Mrs. Todd last year and we just adored her. This is the second year in a row Isaac has had Makayla's teacher from the year before. Isaac thinks that's way cool.

We've decided to hold Jackson back one year. So he will be going to Little Saints Preschool. The same preschool Makayla and Isaac both went to. It's a wonderful school and I'm so excited that Jackson will be able to be there. The teachers are all amazing. He will go to school Monday through Thursday, 9 to 2. I'm so glad to have Fridays with him for one more year. I really think this will be prefect for Jackson to have one more year to prepare for Kindergarten.


Bailey said...

Love the old preschool pictures, they look so sweet! Can't believe your kids are so old.