Friday, November 11, 2011

Cabo San Lucas!!!

Jeremy and I at the marina in Cabo.

The catamaran that took us snorkeling on Tuesday.

My big buff Honey

These are the only pictures I have from Cabo. All the others are trapped on Jeremy's phone. When we figure out how to upload from our phone to computer, I'll share some more. Maybe even the video of me getting completely taken out by a huge wave:)

I don't know why everything is underlined!!!!!!

We had such a good time in Cabo. The weather was amazing. The water was warm. It was great.

There were a few highlights: Jeremy being a hero and saving someone, riding the public bus, and repelling. Oh yeah and sleeping as much as I wanted:)


Jillian said...

I DON"T KNOW WHY THE UNDERLINE THING HAPPENS TO ME TOO. LOL Way to go Jeremy saving someone! Sounds like lots of fun. sorry you got sick.

Bailey said...

STOP YELLING AT ME! More pictures... I want more. I need to escape the cold and go virtually on your vacation with you.

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