Sunday, October 15, 2006

prefect weather and fishing

We went fishing on Saturday. It was so beautiful out. It was so nice and laid back. A friend in our ward owns some land with a stocked pond on it. He had a big bucket of dog food for the kids to feed the fish with. It kept the kids busy. We bought Isaac a Spiderman pole and Makayla got a Barbie pole. They were both a little freaked out at first. Isaac reeled in a bunch but Makayla won't touch her pole if it had a worm on it or got close to the water.

Makayla has her first field trip ( to Kroger) this week. I think Jeremy is going with the class. It should be alot of fun. She's had two show-and-tells since school has started. The first time she took a map and showed everyone where Grammy and Poppy lives, where Grandma and Grandpa lives, where daddy served a mission, where Aunt Amy lives, and where we live. Then last week she took a family picture of the Logsdons and the Schultzs. She took a CTR ring one week but they cancelled show- and-tell because the teacher forgot to send home reminders.

We love ya all and miss you very much. Jacksons surgery is about 4 weeks away now. Its creeping up on us.


Anonymous said...

Chauntel, how fun for your family to go fishing:) I love the picture of Isaac and Jeremy with their backs to the camera, nice shot!
Did makayla get her hair cut?
I keep thinking of Jackson and his surgery and we are praying every day for a successful surgery and quick recovery and that all will go perfectly. With our combinded faith he will come out fine. Love you all, Mom

Anonymous said...


Did you catch a scorpion. Also, Are fish that small in Texas. Last time I went fishing, that is about what I used for bait?


Anonymous said...

it's not always about size mike