Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Halloween

I can't believe it's November already. Yesterday Jackson had an eye appointment. They said everything looks great. He'll go back in three months to make sure that the swelling after surgery doesn't hurt anything and that everything stays lined up right.

There's less than two week now. It's going to start getting really busy around here. I guess the holidays always get busy right.

Makayla has a really bad ear ache, but we got her right into the doctor and it's getting a lot better.

Makayla was a cat, Isaac was superman or I guess he was really Clark Kent(like his black hair, what a mess) Jackson was a cow, Jeremy was also superman-Clark Kent, and I was Lois Lane (kind of lame) I always forget about what I'm going to be because I'm worried about the kids and their costumes.


Anonymous said...

cute halloween pictures...isaac's hair is hilarious.(i love his new hairline!) i think jackson needs to be milked. nat

Rochelle said...

So what happened with Isaac's hair? Did you color it? I didn't even recognize him when I first looked at him. I think everyone looks good in their costumes even you. Not a lame costume cute idea.