Thursday, November 16, 2006


Jackson's surgery has been post poned. When we went in for his post op appointment ,on Tuesday, Jackson was coughing a lot and had a runny nose. Dr. Hollier sent us to another doctor to make sure he wasn't sick. Sure enough Jackson has a double ear ache and cold. He's on antibiotics and we will be rescheduled for probably Dec. I was so bum. I now think things will workout even better for us and Kendall. Now the only problem is who will watch the kids while we're at the hospital. Maybe mom or Starr will be able to come down. We'll see. Jeremy seems to think people in the ward could help out but that's a lot to ask and the kids would be really out of the norm. We love you all and are so thankful for all your prayers. I'm positive it was a blessing Jackson started coughing the moment we stepped into the doctor office. Other wise I would have just thought he was teething.

My sister Bailey came this weekend. I was able to see her baby Kooper for the first time. He is so cute. We had so much fun seeing them and hanging out. Makayla was in a parade this weekend and was in the ward Primary Presentation. It was a big weekend for her.

We put Isaac in soccer on Saturday. He loved it. I'm so excited for him to have something to look forward to and to release a lot his energy.


Rochelle said...

Hey thanks for the update. You guys had your presentation this weekend too how funny. How did the kids like it. Soccor that sounds like a great thing for Isaac to do. That is crazy that he can play out door soccor at this time of year.

Bailey said...

Chauntel If you need me to come down and watch the kids I am more than willing to fly back down. I love those kids. Let me know. We had so much fun this weekend too.