Thursday, December 21, 2006

Isn't she sweet

Makayla's teacher informed us that she is a great little missionary at school. For Thanksgiving she drew this picture for what she is thankful for. (I guess, I'll forgive her for not drawing me)

We were putting up our Christmas tree with the primary christmas hymns playing, and Makayla said " I feel like I want to cry, this music is so pretty."

Makayla is so good at sitting and listening to scriptures at night time (while Isaac runs around and stands on his head) She is such a sensitive little girl, who already has such a testimony of the gospel and of Jesus Christ.

Any mother and father can tell you of the sweet testimony of a child who has been taught the gospel at home. What a blessing the gospel is for our family.


Dusty and Amy said...

My eyes filled up with tears thinking about how children can have such strong testimonies. I am so proud of you and Jeremy and the parents that you are. Your children are precious and so beautiful.

I can't WAIT to see them (tomorrow!!!!)

Angela S said...

Tyler just started singing I am a Child of God along with us and it is amazing. Congrats on raising such a great gal!