Thursday, December 21, 2006

Our Duplex is Sold!

Our duplex got an offer in less than a week of being on the market. Yesterday we excepted it and now we just have to wait for it to close. It's truely a miracle that it sold so quickly. What a relief to not have to worry about that anymore. We'll lease from the buyers until Febuary 14th. So now we need to buy a house.

We went to Dallas for three days to look at some areas and homes. We found two that we love. We'll probably go back one more time and look at them again. There's two more we want to look at. I kind hope a few of them sell, to make of decesion a little easier.

We all got sick this last week. I don't know how it happen but We'd all better get over and stay healthy for the next week.

Jackson's surgery is in about 8 days. I think I'm a little more worried this time around than last. Maybe because he's getting older, wiser, and we're more in love with him than ever.

I haven't sent out my christmas cards yet and they've ask Jeremy and I to speak on Christmas Eve, and I have the YW's lesson that sunday. I'm a little over whelmed.

This morning I went out to the shed to grabb Jeremy gift so I could wrap it and I can't find the key to the shed. HA HA HA All our gifts are in there. I might have to break in.

Love ya all


Anonymous said...

So rumor has it that your moving back to Louisville KY. That is so nice.

Angela S said...

Congrats on the sale! I am sure that is such a huge relief, I'm excited for the new opportunties for you in Dallas! Great luck!