Sunday, January 13, 2008


I took the boys to the Heard Museum this weekend to see this Dinosaur exhibit. They had soo much fun. They had a trail outside of dinosaurs along the way every so often. The dinosaurs would growl and move and they were life-size. The first one we went to, neither one of the boys were too sure what to think. Jackson had me pick him up pretty quick and Isaac looked close at first, but when the growling started backed off pretty quick. After a while though, they realized that they were probably safe since Dad could beat up any dinosaur that he wanted to. Last week Chauntel and Kayla did the girl thing and saw Enchanted, so this week was the boys turn to go out. Next Saturday will be the whole family.


Dusty and Amy said...

That is too cool. I bet the boys had a blast. They both look like they finally warmed up to them. I heard that Makayla really liked her movie too!

Bailey said...

I love that you have such cool places to go like that. Until summer we have no where fun to go, or if we do have some place fun I haven't discovered it yet.