Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Merry Christmas . . . a little late

Merry Christmas everyone! We're a little late with our post because we were in Washington all of last week and spent Christmas with Chauntel's family. I'm sure she'll want to update everyone with that. We had a lot of fun. This picture has everyone in it except one of Chauntel's sisters (Jillian) and a nephew (Tre).

When we were coming home from the gym yesterday, Isaac was telling us that he wanted to have a friend over to play and we were asking him which one he wanted to have over. Makayla offered a name of a friend and Isaac says, "He came over lasterday already."
As he said it, I thought, "that has got to be one of the greatest words ever." If you think about it, yesterday means the day previous, but lasterday means any time in the past. There's no rules or bounds for lasterday. Because Isaac is so smart, lasterday is now part of my vocabulary as well.

Lasterday as a practical example:

Chauntel: "Jeremy, we really need to go out on a date. We haven't been in a while."
Jeremy: "Really? It seems like we just went on one lasterday."