Saturday, May 17, 2008

A few more pics

We had our family pictures taken a few months ago. I was a little worried they wouldn't get done. We've had our outfits since Nov. and the weather would be bad or someone would be sick. I bought summer outfit last summer for pictures, than winter outfits for winter and I wasn't about to buy summer outfits again for these stupid pictures that keep getting pushed back. So finally they're done. We're just waiting for the one we picked to get touched up a little, then we're going to blow it up and put it above our fireplace:) A friend in our ward does portraits as a side job.

I'm really looking forward to this summer. It will be nice to sleep in, go swimming, and go on adventures to the zoo, park, and any where mom can think up. The weather has been really great lately. Pretty soon it will be unbearable hot and the only thing we'll want to do is swim. I have the kids signed up for swim and they probably do an art camp. I wish there were more affordable camps out there. Maybe Makayla will have to have more of her girl's club meeting this summer to keep her busy.


Niki Carter said...

Cute! I love the background. Where did you get these done? You guys all look really cute! We missed Makayla at Audrey's birthday party tonight@

Bailey said...

They turnd out so cute. Can't wait to see what it looks like above the mantle. No one is crying, I love it.

Anonymous said...


Your family pics are awesome. One thing I have never noticed until now is how big your ears are. I have never paid attention but dude you have some flappers.....

Your loving brother.