Friday, May 30, 2008


These are Makayla's BFF's at school Iris and Kaylee. I love that she has little girlfriends. She informed me the other day that she has lots of friends because everyone likes her. (and I have no doubt she's right)

I was actually really impressed with Makayla's athletic cordination. She was one of the better girls and even better than half the boys. We've always tagged her as uncordinated because Isaac has always been so athletic. I've always told Jeremy girls take a little longer to get it and that you can't compare Isaac who's always be great.

Makayla lost her top front tooth (finally) And now she's about to lose her other top front tooth. She looks so funny right now because she's missing one and the other is dangling and holding on for dear life. She's forever changed and will look like a big girl. I really hope they come in straight.


Niki Carter said...

This is fun! I love all of the new pictures! Makayla looks so old! I can't believe it! When their teeth fall out they really do change! When does that happen? Audrey has been talking about Makayla a lot. She is going to call her.

Dusty and Amy said...

She DOES look old. Wow! That is so fun that the tooth fairy can come. I can't get over it's the same little girl I used to share a room with :-)

I remember doing that race on Field Day in school. Those things are so fun. I know she did great.

Anonymous said...

Did she cry? It looks like a tear coming down her face. Once one falls out it's like the rest fall out pretty fast.

Melissa said...

Oh, it does look like a tear. What a big girl!! I bet she was psyched about the tooth fairy coming. Grammy mentioned that she got a cute little message with Kayla singing about losing her tooth. :-) She listens to it over and over!!

Chauntel said...

I wish I knew how to post video clips. I have a video of Makayla after she lost her tooth. I think it's America's Funniest Homevideo worthy. She was crying and laughing. Isaac was so confused about whether she was happy or sad. She said it was happy tears.