Friday, July 25, 2008

The Latest Happenings

Just thought I'd add a few pictures of the kids. Isaac somehow got the basket he holds all of his superheroes in stuck on his arms. He was pretty upset I grabbed the camera first before I helped get his arms out. I just figured he wasn't going to die from it, so a picture would be pretty good.
Check out Jackson's form on his fastball. As we said before, he will outplay anybody outside. Every time when I tell him I'm done, he always says, "One more."
One of Makayla's things nowadays besides stealing money from whoever whenever, taking Chauntel's makeup and putting it on; then in her purse, and being a Mini-Mom to Jackson all the time (changes his wet diapers too) is taking pictures. She loves to take pictures of whatever, but especially herself. Her and Aunt Jillian should hang out. I don't think that either of them can think of a more interesting person than themself.


Bailey said...

That is so funny she is just like her aunt Jillian! I also love that you have your priorities straight with a stuck kid, picture first, than help.

Dusty and Amy said...

It sounds like things are going as usual there at the Logsdon's :-)

Jackson's throw is awesome and I love the hair. He looks so cute! Makayla has had that picture fetish for a while now. She LOVES to take pictures, especially of herself like you said. AND she has had the make up thing ever since I can remember too. I will have to post a picture of her when I caught her in my makeup one of the hundreds of times while I was roomies with her :)

Melissa said...

Kayla also started that stealing money thing a couple years back. When I came to visit she took an envelope out of my suitcase that had all of my money in it and put it somewhere. It took us a while to find it, but we finally did. Ha She also took so many pictures with my cell phone camera that my battery was never quite the same on a different visit. But I still love you Kayla girl. :-) Good job with the fast ball Jackson!! I wish I could play ball with you. You and Evan would have so much fun playing ball together. I know Evan & Blake do.

Love you guys.