Saturday, August 02, 2008


Grammy was here this last week. It was so much fun having her down here - the kids especially LOVE having any of their family down, and they think the world of their Grammy. My birthday just happened to be while Grammy was here, so Chauntel hooked it up for us to go to the Frisco Rough Riders baseball game for my birthday. it was a blast and I got a baseball during the game (of course when Chauntel was with the kids at the bathroom. At least Jackson and Grammy can vouch for me)
I worked all week, but got reports of all the stuff they did while I was gone. One of the things that Kaylagirl and Isaac did this week was get their first piano lessons! Makayla especially loved it. Isaac went along with it, and actually paid attention and was trying really hard. Makayla loves to learn anything new and having Grammy teach her was even better. She practiced all week (all on her own) and even set up a practice schedule reminding us that she needs to practice as soon as she wakes up so she doesn't forget what she learned the day before.
The other picture of her is of her birthday party that she went to today. It was a Hannah Montana party, so dressed up and went. We asked her how it went when she got home and she said that they didn't know who she was for a bit and then the girl said, "Makayla, is that you?" We thought she looked sooo cute.
I got a new guitar for my birthday-pics to come later;
Chauntel and Mom went with a group and went to Barnes and Noble at midnight to get the new Twilight book. I'm sure she'll want to say some about it- so I'll let her later.


Melinda said...

Makayla was so cute at the party! I honestly didn't know it was her until Anna said, "Makayla, is that you?!" Makayla just laughed and all the girls thought it was hilarious! I thought she was a friend of Anna's from school! I'll have to have Makayla talk Anna into taking piano lessons!