Friday, August 15, 2008

i feel like i've had this dream already

my sweet baby (not so baby anymore) is having more problems with his cute little head. the night i cut his hair, i noticed that it felt a little swollen. when i got up the next day, i thought it might have been a dream (nightmare) so, i checked his head again. sure enough, it was swollen. today jeremy and i took him to dr. barcello. his head surgeon. he asked me to watch it for a week or two and see if it gets bigger. if it does, then we'll do a ct scan. if it does, than we'll keep watching it and maybe it will go away.

so lets all pray that it goes away. i don't want him to have to go through that again. as he get older it worries me that he'll be scared of doctors for the rest of his life.

monday jeremy and i are taking the kids to the dentist for the first time. i know it's way over due. we didn't have dental for awhile and then when we got it, i kept putting it off. if you know my freaked out kids, you'd understand why. they are so scared to do anything and just the mention of the dentist sends them into fits. so wish me luck. i'll let you know how it goes.

I finished BREAKING DAWN on sunday. it was such a prefect ending to the series. I thought she did a really good job. i'm excited for the movie. it looks really good.

let the count down to school start. the kids go back in one week (25th) i'm so sad and so excited and so nervous and so thrilled and so anxious.


Bailey said...

Wow you have a lot going on. I hope everything goes fine with Jacksons head, we will pray for him. Its a good thing you cut his hair so you could tell that something was wrong. I haven't even started Breaking Dawn I was in the middle of a really long book when it came out and now I am dying to start it.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for that little angel. Like Bailey said, it's a good thing you cut his hair. We are praying for all of you and the doctors too.

I have a dentist PHOBIA. I am not even kidding. I hadn't been in like 12 years and Dusty had not been in several years either and now we have $3000 of dental work to do. :-)


Melissa said...

I am soooo sorry to hear that. Sweet little Jackson has been through so much already. I can't bare the thought of him having to go through another surgery. We'll definitely keep him in our prayers. Good luck with the kids going back to school. You'll get into a routine quick, I'm sure.

Love you guys a bunch and miss you so much!!!!! I think this is the longest we have gone without seeing someone in your stinks!!!

Aunt Lissa

Lexy said...

i hope everything is ok! your family is in my prayers!
(i "stalk" your blog every now and then from christy's)

Heidi said...

Our prayers are with your family. I hope Jackson is ok. Let us know if there is anything we can do!