Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and Stuff

Happy Easter everybody!! The kids celebrated yesterday by having several Easter Egg hunts. They had one with the ward yesterday morning and then in the evening we got together with several other families and had one at the nature center where we go hiking sometimes. Chauntel and the other ladies went before us to hide eggs and us fellas brought the kids a little later and they found'em. It was a lot of fun.
Isaac gave the Easter lesson this morning after the kids found the Easter Eggs that the Easter bunny left behind. He used a glove and explained how Jesus was "Resvericked" after he died and put his hand in the glove to represent the spirit and the body. It was great; we were all proud of him.
For an update on other "stuff":
Makayla has now scored 2 goals in soccer! She is so funny about it. She does not like to draw attention to herself or want to call anybody to tell them about her goals. Both kicks for goals were some of the best kicks she's had all season. Every game she has gotten so much better. She started off barely being able to kick a ball at all, and now her confidence has grown so much that she likes to "get in the mix" with the other girls and steal the ball away or kick it away from our goal when the other team is trying to score.
Isaac got his first out at second base the other night. He has come so close lots of times, but the other night he got a hot shot hit to him, he scooped it up, and ran to second for the force out. It was AWESOME! He was so proud and asked us if we were proud of him too.
Jackson (pictured above with his best friend Bella - everything out of his mouth is always about her) is getting better on the potty. He pees just fine and hardly has accidents. He's dry every morning already, but #2 is a different story.
I just finished an AWESOME book. It's called Manhunt and it's about the 12 days that the nation was pursuing John Wilkes Boothe - Abraham Lincoln's killer. If you like non-fiction history, you'll love it. I don't read a whole lot, but I always enjoy it when I do. I've found that my favorite books to read are biographies, anything with history, or government books (CIA stuff, spy stuff, books about butterflies in western Canada)
Chauntel's giving the Easter lesson today for Young Womens. She's using a slide presentation called "Reflections of Christ" It is AWESOME. Go to to see it. You'll love it.


Dusty and Amy said...

It's great to see all of the kids! I love hearing about their sports and friends! I LOVE that site. I just watched the slide show again. Thanks for sharing that. Happy Easter and we love you!