Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just Hanging Out

It's been sooo long since I've blogged. I don't even have anything to really say. But I feel as though my blog has been so neglected. I wanted everyone to know that I'm still out here in blog land.

Isaac's baseball season has started. It's starting with a bang. He had practice on Monday, his first game of the season was the next day (Tuesday), tomorrow is his 2nd game and Friday is his third game. So one practice and three games in the first week of the season:( Yuck I'm going to be sick of baseball in the first week. Jeremy and I have decided that baseball it too boring for Isaac. We feel bad for him. There's 12 players on the team which means 6 in the outfield, and 12 kids to get through the line up before you can have another at bat. It's just ridiculous, Isaac got two at bats and didn't have a ball even come close to him in the field. And to top that off, it's coach pitch and his coach and assistant coaches are the worst pitchers I've ever seen. It's amazing when any of the kids get their bat on the ball. Soccer and Karate are so much more fun to watch and I would think to play also. Don't get me wrong I was a Softball player from tee-ball to my Senior year, but what a bore. I must have stuck with it because I was a catcher once we switched to fast pitch and there's a little more action there.

I'm still faithfully doing the coupon thing. It is a lot of work but I think it satisfies my spend addiction and I get a total high from good deals.

Makayla is scheduled to get an expander put in her mouth, in two weeks. Poor girl, I hope she does alright. She's a little nervous. But I told her she could have 4 big permanent teeth yanked like I didn't instead. She decided it wouldn't be that bad to get the expander put in after all.


natallie said...

don't worry about the expander...they're not a big deal. so much better to get that stuff done when they're young and their teeth/bones respond so quickly. does makayla have a problem with her bite?

Anonymous said...

No - it's more Chauntel that bites quite a bit.

natallie said...

i know that...i still have the scars! :) has it gotten worse since she's read the twilight books? :)

Angela S said...

Makayla, I'm sorry you have to get the expander but it is totally worth it. And really it isn't so bad. Just ask your mom for advil when it starts to hurt your mouth. When I got mine in high school I had a gap rivaling Amy's for a few months the way it spread out my teeth. But I'm still mad I never developed her water squirting abilities. She is so freaking cool. Anyway good luck and don't stress about it.

Dusty and Amy said...

Thanks for the update, Chauntel. I get a high off of a good deal too. What are you doing, just clipping coupons? I need to get teeth yanked right now and won't do it. I am trying to find a cheaper place that will pull me under. The thought of people pulling my teeth out makes me want to pass out and throw up...laughing gas or no laughing gas.