Monday, December 21, 2009

face paintig and bowling

Last Saturday we took the kids bowling. It was so fun. Isaac beat everybody. He broke 100 (with bumpers of course) However Jackson several times didn't need the bumpers. He was able to get his going down the middle of the alley without them. We had a lot of fun watching the kids get excited about bowling. After bowling we went to CiCi's pizza (because mom loves the Cinnamon rolls -yummy)
At CiCi's they had a lady practicing face painting which normal we would never pay for something like that, but she was not having a whole lot of customers. Isaac was a teenage mutant ninja turtle, Jackson was a puppy (so of course he walked everywhere on all fours the rest of the day), and Makayla was just beautiful.


Anonymous said...

You guys do the most FUN things! Merry Christmas, Love you, Grammy

steel said...

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