Friday, December 11, 2009

Ugliest Sweater Contest

Can you believe I didn't win:) Well there was some pretty ugly sweaters at the Young Women's Christmas party.

I bought my sweater at a Thrift store. After I washed it and put it on, I understood why some women choose to wear holiday sweaters. It's kind of fun and the kids think it's great. I did get a few double takes and one girl even asked me if I was having a ugly sweater contest, because that didn't look like me. I'm so glad it doesn't look like my style or I'd be a little worried about my fashion sense.


Niki Carter said...

That's awsome! You need to enlarge your photos . . . I can't see them well enough:(

natallie said...

you might've had a better chance at winning if your sweater had a turtle neck instead of zipping. kinda reminds me of the movie, the santa clause 2 when molly shannon is sporting her christmas sweater on their date. i bet your kids liked it! :)

Anonymous said...

The problem is when you put a beautiful woman in an ugly sweater even the sweater looks good.

Love Dad