Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm home for the morning, getting the kids off to school and now getting ready to head back to the hospital. Jeremy called this morning and said that the nurses think he'll go home today. So, I'm going to make this fast. I need to get back down there and get them home.

The doctor said everything went well. He fixed the problem with his spinal cord and he should be back to normal in a week. Just no trampoline for four weeks:( That will be hard to enforce.

Makayla and Isaac went to visit Jackson last night and Bella and Jessica came and visited yesterday during the day.

Jackson had to lay flat for 24 hours. That was the most difficult part of the after surgery experience. He was so mad at me mostly for making him lay flat. He took a few good swipes and kicks at me. Of course mom gets all the anger and all the loves.

I'll let Jeremy blog everything. He does such a great job at telling the stories of our family. He's able to add detail and interest where I'm just trying to spell everything correctly and use as few words as possible.


Bailey said...

I am so glad everything went well! We love you all, Great job Jackson!

James said...

I'm totally crying! I LOVE the one of you lying beside him in the bed heads together. TOO familiar!! I'm so glad it's over! I tried calling you. We have been thinking about you guys:)

Ashley said...

So glad all went well. Hopefully he'll survive the month without the trampoline!

Miss Tamra said...

Welcome home Jackson! So glad to hear everything went well. These pictures are so sweet . . . good luck with the trampoline thing!