Thursday, September 23, 2010


Jackson has so many OBSESSIONS. It's so amazing to watch his intErests change into new interests (OBSESSIONS) For instance, Jeremy is so good at teaching the kids about history. At every holiday, he likes to teach the kids why we celebrate. Like 4th of July, Christmas of course, Martin Luther King Day, etc.... Well on Sept. 11th Jeremy taught the kids why we remember 9-11 and what happened that day. Now Jackson is obsessed with 9-11. He watches footage on Youtube of the twin towers attacks and takes all his air planes and runs them into things to knock them down. He keeps talking to me about how sad it is and how people died in the air planes and in the towers. It's a little unnerving. He had a air port look out tower that he keep flying all his planes into and wants me to watch over and over as he tries to knock the top off of it.

This is definitly the strangest obsession so far. We thought his hot air balloon and tornado obsessions were funny and a little strange but this takes the cake.

A few days ago I found him reading a book (with his tag reader) to all his sisters webkins and stuffed animals. Isn't this cute?


Staigerfamily said...

He told all our preschool kids about 9/11 emphasizing how sad it was that so many people died. That picture is seriously adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Jackson has THE BEST imagination of our kids so far. He acts out everything-its great. He tells me,"Hey Dad. If I was driving the airplanes, I would do this (as he acts like he is turning a steering wheel to avoid one of the buildings)".
He has hit game winning home runs in the backyard, kicked winning goals, and scored 1000 touchdowns in our living room. For a while there, he was Tony Romo (quarterback for the Cowboys). He doesn't just play hockey, he IS a hockey player. He IS a Dallas Cowboy. It's great.

28schultzsandcounting said...

That is really a kodak moment of Jackson!! What a precious picture. Grandma

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