Thursday, February 10, 2011

the guest room is finally painted

With all the snow we've gotten, Jeremy couldn't handle being stuck at home with nothing to do, so I put him to work. It's so great to have a few of the things on my list crossed off. The kids always want to help. It makes painting hard with kids hanging around. It has gotten better now that they're older. I was always such a disaster when they were little.


Anonymous said...

Makayla looks sooooooo cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful guest room Chauntel! I guess Dad and I need to come and try it out.
Your cake for Jackson turned out so good.
Hope the kids are back in school. Making up all those days in the summer will be awful.
Mom S

Jillian said...

The guest room looks so great!!! What fun to have so much help!